Ensuring Road Safety for Your Employees

28 Mar

How do you manage work-related road safety?

Managing work-related road safety as part of your health and safety programme for your business can help protect employees and reap businesses benefits.

Sadly, over a quarter of all road traffic incidents involves someone who is driving as part of their working day.  Therefore, it is crucial that organisations ensure that the risks to drivers are included in their health and safety arrangements.

The HSE’s Driving at Work guidance and check list suggests ways in which organisations can effectively educate employees and promote safe driving. In turn it can reduce:

  • injuries to drivers
  • vehicle wear, tear and repair
  • work-related ill health
  • missed appointments
  • insurance premiums
  • stress and improved morale

The guidance applies to any organisation with employees who drive (or ride a motorbike or bicycle) at work. Health and safety legislation does not apply to people commuting (i.e. travelling between their home and their usual place of work), unless they are travelling from their home to somewhere which is not their usual place of work.

Is your health and safety programme due a review?

Our team of qualified health and safety specialists are on hand to help you positively manage health and safety in your business.  We also have an online health and safety management system which makes it easy and efficient for you to manage.

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