Making a Difference on Our Doorstep

The Thomas Carroll Charitable Trust was founded in 2019 to support individuals, smaller charities and other community initiatives in our local areas.

We have always been big advocates of giving back to our community at Thomas Carroll. That’s why we launched the Thomas Carroll Charitable Trust so that we could best support community initiatives.

Through the Trust, we encourage our employees to get involved in charitable activities, support our most loved charities and raise money within our regions for the smaller, local charities who sincerely appreciate our ongoing contributions.

Welcoming support requests from clients, business contacts, employees and friends, we seek individuals or local communities that could sincerely benefit from some financial help, to make life feel a little easier in times of need. The TCCT has a dedicated committee who will assess requests on a case-by-case basis and try to help as many people as possible.

To make a support request for the Thomas Carroll Charitable Trust, please email

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Who We’ve Helped


At the age of 27, Adam was brutally attacked following a night out, leaving him with a life threatening brain injury. That same night, Adam underwent a 4-hour operation, followed by a prolonged stay in hospital to start his long road to recovery.

Adam was sociable and a keen rugby player, and his life changed forever. However, his positivity is remarkable and he is an absolute inspiration. Through the Trust, we purchased a watt bike for Adam’s home to help with his rehabilitation.


9-year old Jake was born with a heart defect and requires ongoing treatment and scans to keep his heart working as he grows. A Thomas Carroll employee shared his story and the Trust was delighted to provide a swing for Jake to enjoy in his garden at home and some gaming vouchers to help keep him occupied while in hospital.

Miss R

Just before Christmas, the Trust was made aware of Miss R, a single mum to 3 children who has suffered a very difficult few years. This included having to flee their family home from domestic violence, grandad passing away suddenly while on holiday and Miss R herself needing regular hospital stays. The Trust were quick to offer the small gesture of a food voucher to ensure Miss R and her children could enjoy a few luxury items at Christmas.


Sam was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 2 and a half due to Periventricular Leukomalacia, a type of brain injury and a year later, epilepsy. Without regular physio, he would need a wheelchair permanently. Sam needs to keep a certain level of alertness and the less exercise he does the more he tires. Therefore, Sam’s family were looking to purchase exercise equipment to help keep him mobile at home. The Trust was able to provide a rowing machine and weights which now help Sam to keep active daily, making a significant difference to his everyday life.

Mr D

Mr D suffered a life changing brain haemorrhage and though now in recovery, has lost full mobility. Unable to climb the stairs, Mr D had been sleeping in a bed in the family living room and wasn’t able to visit the bathroom. His family set up a fundraising page to raise money for a stair lift, which the TCCT topped up to help them reach their target.


Mia has congenital hemiplegia, a form of cerebral palsy that affects her mobility on her right side. She is hypermobile, hypertonic, prone to dislocation and uses a wheelchair when her joints become too painful. The Trust was able to help Mia by providing the funds needed to purchase a mobility scooter.

Mr M

Living in a 2-bedroom housing association flat with his 12-year old son, Mr M is unable to work due to mental health problems and relies on benefits and food banks to survive. The Trust were able to help by funding a new school uniform for Mr M’s son, and a new carpet and bed to help with their living arrangements.