Workshop: How to Avoid an Unfair Dismissal

7 Feb

Our employment law and HR workshop held near Cardiff is designed to raise awareness and potential pitfalls of an unfair dismissal in the workplace.

The words Unfair Dismissal are enough to raise fear in any employer. This is often a difficult area for many organisations to manage. The consequences of getting a dismissal wrong can be disruptive and costly for a business.  The maximum award for an unfair dismissal claim has now reached £95,211.

Thomas Carroll’s highly interactive employment law workshop will provide delegates with top-tips on how best to avoid unfair dismissals. Our employment law expert will guide you on how to deal with dismissals should the worst happen.

The workshop is suitable for business owners, employers, directors, HR professionals and anyone responsible for recruitment and employees.

Join us on our first in a series of employment law workshops in 2018.

What will our workshop cover?

1. The three stage Burchell Test to a fair dismissal.
2. Establishing the band of reasonable responses.
3. What constitutes gross misconduct?
4. Common mistakes made by employers.
5. The relevance of the ACAS Code of Practice.
6. ACAS Code of Practice v Internal Policies.
7. Does instant dismissal still apply?
8. Using the appeal hearing to your advantage.
9. Contributory fault and Polkey deductions.
10. The two-year rule and exceptions.
11. Top tips for avoiding an unfair dismissal claim.

Employment Law Workshop Details 

When: Thursday 15th March (9am-12:30pm)
Where: Central South Consortium Joint Education Service, Nantgarw,  Near Cardiff.
Cost: £132

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Call to Book: For further information, please contact Lauren Dickinson via email or call on 02920 853794.