World Cup and the Workplace

18 Jun

Don’t score an Employment Law Own Goal this Summer

Whilst the excitement of the World Cup can boost morale and strengthen employee relationships, it is worth considering the potential negative effects that high profile events can have on your organisation.

It will come as no surprise that during large sporting events, employers see a rise in sickness absence with fans deciding to skip work to prepare for, watch or recover from the games.

Short-term and unauthorised absence can have multiple knock-on effects on organisations, these include;

  • Reduction in productivity due to less workers
  • Extra expenses for temporary cover
  • Reduction in motivation and morale from other staff
  • Expense of having to pay for salary or sick pay for employees

Tip: Review Your Organisation’s Sickness Policy

Having an up-to-date sickness policy that is well-communicated and enforced fairly can help to minimise levels of disruption.

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