How to prevent a product recall, and what to do should the worst happen

7 Sep

Greenyard Frozen UK, a major fruit and vegetable supplier, withdrew 43 of their sweetcorn-based frozen vegetable products in July. The product recall came to light following an announcement from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that the frozen vegetables may be contaminated with listeria monocytogenes, a bacteria that can cause a fatal illness known as listeriosis.

You never know when a deadly contamination or other disaster will force your organisation to endure the consequences of a product recall. However, you can prepare by enforcing proper prevention tactics, generating a response plan and purchasing robust insurance cover.

What prevention tactics should you take?

There are several ways you can help prevent recalls:

  • Rely on trusted suppliers.
  • Utilise assurance schemes.
  • Enforce a safety management system.
  • Seek help from your local authority.

What should you do if the worst happens?

1) Create a Response Plan

Despite prevention measures, there is always a chance that a recall will still happen. Prepare yourself with a response plan that includes the following guidelines:

  • Stay informed with the development of potential issues in the press.
  • As soon as you understand the problem, inform the proper authorities.
  • Once you know which ingredient or material is responsible for the problem, stop production of anything including the ingredient or material, eliminate it from storage and prevent products that contain it from further distribution.
  • As soon as you are aware of the recall, stop selling the product. Inform clients and customers immediately.
  • Ensure your organisation has traceability.

2) Purchase Robust Insurance Cover

In addition to proper protective and response measures, provide your organisation with ultimate peace of mind by purchasing product recall insurance, which offers protection against the following:

  • Building, equipment and product correction.
  • Loss of future sales.
  • Investigation, labour and product disposal.
  • Brand and reputation protection.

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