Weather Alert: Storm Diana

28 Nov

Storm Diana is set to hit Wales and two yellow weather warnings for extreme wind have been issued for Wednesday and Thursday.

One weather warning has been issued for Wednesday between 9:00am – 9:00pm and the other has been issued for Thursday between 3:00am – 3:00pm.

Before the severe weather occurs…

Your insurance policy is not a maintenance policy. It is essential that you are proactive in maintaining the condition of your property. Some simple tips:

  • Consider any emergency maintenance; fix any loose tiles on your roof, clear guttering.
  • Secure any loose items around your property, rubbish bins, garden furniture, tools etc.
  • Restrict travel to essential journeys only.
  • Stay indoors and don’t put anyone at risk.
  • If you or your property are affected by the storm…

The following steps will assist you in considering a claim against your Policy in respect of severe weather damage to your property:

  • Notify Thomas Carroll at the first opportunity with full details of the damage and any photographs available.
  • Identify any hazard as a result of the damage sustained and take measures to ensure the safety of yourselves and others.
  • Arrange any emergency repairs necessary to mitigate further damage to your property, retaining any invoices/receipts for payment as these can form part of your claim.
  • Where you have a preferred contractor, arrange for their estimate for reinstatement of damage. The estimate should detail the schedule of works and respective costs of labour and parts.
  • Retain any damaged items for inspection by Insurers should this be required.

For guidance with notification of a claim, please contact your appointed Thomas Carroll Claims Executive, email or call 02920 887733.

In the event of an emergency outside of business hours, please telephone our Head of Claims Helen Love on 07790 011151, Chris Hackett on 07891 241555 or Jon Davies on 07498 932495 for guidance.