Met Office Weather Warning: Ice

16 Jan

With the Met Office issuing a Severe Weather Warning as temperatures plunge, we are being warned to prepare for icy conditions Thursday night and into the weekend.

At this time, forecasters are uncertain around the risk of snow fall.

Be Prepared

Insurers expect the policyholder to take reasonable steps to protect their property and mitigate loss.

When temperatures dip to freezing there is a risk of burst pipes at your home or business premises.  This is because the water inside the pipes expands is it gets close to freezing and this causes an increase in pressure inside the pipe. When the pressure gets too high for the pipe to contain, it ruptures and can cause significant damage to your property.

Tips to help prevent burst pipes:

  • Leave your heating on low
  • Insulate pipes and tanks in attic or cold spaces
  • Open the loft access to allow warm air to circulate unheated areas
  • Cover and protect outside pipes and taps for heating and overflow pipes.
  • Remind yourself where your stop cock is for easy access in the event of a burst pipe

If your property is unoccupied, its is essential that you observe the Unoccupancy Warranty and comply with the specific requirements for isolation of services and regular inspections. If these requirements are not adhered to, Insurers will be within their rights to decline a claim.

Should you require clarification of this, please contact your Account Executive at Thomas Carroll to discuss on 02920 887733.

Tips for driving in icy conditions:

  • Plan your journey
  • Allow more time
  • Dress comfortably and for warmth. Layers are often most suitable
  • Check your wipers
  • Check your tyres
  • Check your screen wash
  • Prepare for the worst: shovel, blankets and warm drinks
  • Keep your distance from other vehicle and drive slowly

Further guidance is provided on our website

Make a Claim

In the event of a property or motor incident as a result of the icy conditions, please  notify your dedicated Claims Executive or alternatively, contact us on 02920 887733 or

In the event of an emergency requiring assistance out of hours, please refer to your policy documents for guidance or contact us as follows:

Motor: ALPS Helpline 0330 123 4780

Property: Helen Love, Head of Claims 07790 011151 or Jonathan Davies, Claims Executive 07498 932495