Reginald Moore Ltd: Building on a Reputation

4 Oct

For nearly 75 years, family-run housing developer Reginald Moore Ltd has used its strong reputation alone to grow its business across South East Wales.

To this day, the specialist housing developer from Cardiff relies on high quality workmanship, recommendations and word-of-mouth to bring in all of its new business.

“Reputation has always been the cornerstone of our business,” says Simon Moore, who is co-director of Reginald Moore Ltd, alongside brother Andrew Moore and father Phillip Moore. “Our grandfather who ran the business before us always focussed on the quality of our builds and service, rather than sales, and we still follow that ethos today.”

Reginald Moore, a well-respected building contractor and President of the South Wales Federation of Building Employers, set up Reginald Moore Ltd in the 1940s. He secured contracts for the business with local authorities, the Department of the Environment and the Ministry of Works. This was a government department, responsible for construction projects after World War II, building everything from chapels and community centres to clubs and pubs.

After 20 years at the helm, Reginald’s health began to decline and in 1964, his son Phillip moved from London and took over the business, then based in Caerphilly. Using his experience as a housing developer in London, Phillip expanded the business into property development.

A New Direction

“By the 1980s we had the confidence to start looking at large scale housing developments,” says Phillip. “My wife and I re-mortgaged our home to buy the first phase of a 40-acre plot in Quakers Yard near Merthyr Tydfil, where we eventually built 400 homes. It was a gamble. None of the big developers were interested in the site. They didn’t think anybody would want to live in the area. Luckily, we saw the potential and all but one house was sold prior to completion of the site. It was a huge turning point for us as a business.”

Phillip’s sons Andrew and Simon officially joined the family business as directors in the 1990s and Reginald Moore Ltd relocated to Cardiff in 2001.

Quality of Service

“By 2000, the trend had started towards big developers buying multiple plots and putting up large numbers of houses very, very quickly,” says Simon. “We didn’t want to compromise our reputation for quality or service, which had been so carefully built up by our grandfather and father, by trying to compete in that market.”

With Simon and Andrew now running day-to-day operations, the business began to focus on bespoke housing: small sites of detached, high-end properties, as well as one-off homes, redevelopments and extensions.

“It was a natural progression for the business,” says Andrew. “We never want to compromise our reputation, because everything rides on it.”

Today, with new housing schemes across Caerphilly, Bridgend and Cardiff, including homes in Radyr and Lisvane, the business is now developing again in Nelson in Caerphilly, where it started out almost 75 years ago.

Domino Effect

“We have a fantastic, very trusted workforce, some of whom have been with us for over 30 years,” adds Andrew. “Every project we take on is the result of a recommendation by another client. It has a domino effect. That’s why we put everything we have into every single project to ensure the best quality work is carried out to the highest standards. We rely on our clients’ total satisfaction – that relationship is key.”

“Andrew and I are extremely proud, grateful and inspired by all the hard work, risks and sacrifices that our grandad and even more so our dad made throughout their lives,” adds Simon. “Their dedication to people and projects is how we got where we are today.”

Another relationship that has stood the test of time is with Thomas Carroll, which has been providing insurance services to the business and the Moore family for over 20 years. Services provided cover all of their needs, from pensions, savings and investments to life, home and car insurance, as well as business insurance.

“Throughout that time, we always had one point of contact at Thomas Carroll – Mark Eedy – and nothing but an exceptional service,” adds Phillip. “We have no need to consider looking elsewhere because Thomas Carroll always offer the best service, and we value the excellent advice they offer us.”

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