How Simba Created the Perfect Night’s Sleep

25 Sep

Simba Sleep are the creators of the world’s best mattress. No really, their mattresses have received the most 5-star reviews across the globe.

The origins of Simba date back to 1979. At the time, they were a family-run business supplying thread to mattress factories. That was until 2002, when they decided to diversify into mattress design and supply, using their own thread to create mattresses.

Despite it being a great success, which saw them sell over 1 million mattresses, Simba wanted to take this further by embracing technology and had the ultimate goal in mind; to create the perfect night’s sleep, for which they have become world-renowned.

HR Adviser at Simba Sleep, Anastasija Serste, summed up the company’s innovative approach:

“Simba’s not your usual mattress company. We are experts in the science of sleep, constantly dreaming up new ways to make bedtime better, with a data driven, technology-led approach.”

Reinventing the Wheel

Experimentation, testing and a specialist team was the recipe for success in Simba’s case. Through bringing together experts in the sleep industry, developing their own cell foam known as Simbatex, designing the revolutionary conical pocket spring and prototyping using research profiles from more than 10 million sleepers, they created the perfect mattresses, engineered for sleep. These include the popular Simba Hybrid® and Simba Hybrid® Pro mattresses.

Anastasija said:

“Our products and services are engineered with innovation in mind and real sleepers at heart. Despite our rapid expansion, our philosophy has stayed the same; we want every member of the Simba family to wake up feeling fully supported.”

Having set out and achieved what they wanted to do, today Simba have diversified their product offering to include pillows, duvets, bedding, travel essentials and even a free sleep app to help their community break bad habits and get a better night’s sleep.

Commenting on their range of products, Anastasija said:

“We are insight-led, powered by technology and driven by our ambition to redefine how the world sleep. We have expanded beyond our Hybrid® mattress range, launching a fully adjustable pillow and a temperature-regulating accessories range.”

What’s Next for Simba Sleep?

A recent study found that 80% of adults worldwide want to improve the quality of their sleep. In today’s society, there are a number of factors threatening to disrupt sleep, from work stress to 24/7 ‘always on’ technology. With that being said, Simba’s ambition for the future is clear.

Anastasija said:

“We are planning to bring good quality sleep to more and more people around the world!”

Employee Benefits and Working With Thomas Carroll

Talking about the Employee Benefits service that Simba Sleep receives from Thomas Carroll, Anastasija said:

“Thomas Carroll Employee Benefits are experts in their field and the best service providers in the UK. They tailor their professional approach to every client and work under pressure with tight deadlines but deliver exceptional results. We heard many positive reviews about them and now we know why!”

“They helped us to implement the new pension scheme which is based on salary exchange. They took care of everything, from the initial consultation and presentations for all employees to making changes on our existing pensions portal, providing advice on contributions and helping with payroll changes. They prepared letter templates for our company, advised on NI savings and provided advice for specific employee circumstances, such as maternity and part-time working.”

“Our pension scheme is a lot better since we appointed Thomas Carroll Employee Benefits to change it to salary exchange and we can see our employees benefiting from it. We also have a clear plan for the years ahead of us and know exactly what needs to be done to keep the scheme as successful as it is now.”

“The whole experience was flawless and effortless for us as they took care of everything. They were able to solve the most complex issues. All of the Employee Benefits team members that we worked with were very helpful and quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and the service we received was truly exceptional.”

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