Did You Know That Wellbeing Is Central to Recruitment and Retention?

18 Apr

Workers in the UK are not content with their current work conditions and are looking for better opportunities that put their wellbeing first according to a recent survey conducted by YuLife, in collaboration with YouGov. The survey showed that almost 40% of working adults in the UK have either started or are actively pursuing new job opportunities in the past year. Even more significant is the fact that one out of three individuals plans to seek new employment within the next 12 months. These numbers are a clear indication that employers should not take the loyalty of their employees for granted.

You must prioritise the wellbeing of your employees if you want to create a thriving work environment and retain top talent.

Workplace stress can put employees at risk of developing mental health problems like depression or anxiety, or make existing mental health issues worse. It can cause emotional and mental symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, loss of confidence, lack of motivation, trouble making decisions, feelings of depression or anxiety, irritability, and an inability to “switch off” from work.

Workplace stress is a major cause of long-term absence from work, as it takes a toll on both physical and mental health. Employees who experience workplace stress may take more time off sick, make more mistakes, and perform their jobs less effectively. It is often accompanied by stigma and discrimination, which can prevent employees from seeking the mental health support they need.

Factors like heavy workloads, lack of control over work processes, poor management, and conflicting work-life demands are key contributors to workplace stress and its negative impact on mental wellbeing.

Investing in initiatives that promote the physical, mental, and emotional health of your employees can improve their job satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. A positive culture that focuses on employee wellbeing not only attracts top talent but also reduces turnover costs and strengthens your brand. Ultimately, investing in employee wellbeing is a smart strategic move that benefits both employees and employers.

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