Liability claims can impact your business’s bottom line, be time-consuming to deal with, damage your reputation and ultimately, cost you money. With that being said, successfully defending liability claims is essential to protect the prosperity of your business.

In today’s increasingly litigious society, UK insurers are paying out millions of pounds every day on liability claims. Are you confident that your policies are robust enough to prevent or defend claims?

The majority of liability claims are decided almost entirely on the basis of documentary evidence, which must be available within strict timescales. Therefore, your ability to successfully defend liability claims will be severely weakened if the relevant documents requested for disclosure do not exist, are unsatisfactory or are not available within the time frame.

How we can help?

We are specialists in claims management and defensibility. Our Claims Defensibility Health Check will focus on the effectiveness of your prevention strategies whilst determining the availability, accessibility and standard of relevant documentation.

Our involvement will uncover any weaknesses with the manner in which workplace incidents and claims are managed and make recommendations on how to remove any vulnerabilities identified.

Benefits of our Claims Defensibility Health Check

  • A reduction in the cost of claims and reduction in insurance premiums
  • Improved resilience in handling and defending claims
  • Improved ability to make early decisions on liability
  • Improved understanding of the claims profile and industry trends
  • Improved health and safety culture of the organisation
  • A greater integration of Human Resources and Risk Management
  • Improved loss prevention