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Health and Wellbeing: Provide the support network to assist your employees in dealing with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health and wellbeing.

Employee Education and Communication: Ensure your employees understand their benefits.

Auto-Enrolment and Re-Enrolment: Support with your ongoing workplace pension duties.

Workplace Pension Governance: Annual Governance to ensure your pension scheme remains compliant with your employer duties.

Workplace Pension: Review, design, set-up and implementation.

Salary Exchange/Sacrifice: Advantages, considerations, project management and implementation.

Group Private Healthcare: Improved health and wellbeing of workforce, reduced sickness absence and medical treatment at a time that suits business needs through private inpatient and outpatient treatment at a hospital or clinic with costs reimbursed.

Group Employee Cashplan/Dental/Optical: Reduced absenteeism, improved morale and a cost-effective offering to recruit and retain staff covering the costs associated with routine healthcare and wellbeing services, such as dental, optical and chiropractic treatment.

Car Salary Exchange: It’s like cycle-to-work but for electric cars. Your employees can save up to 40% on the monthly cost of a brand-new Electric Vehicle, whilst boosting your sustainability credentials with zero set up cost for your business.

Tax Free Bikes: Having an energised and inspired workplace can be good for your business, as well as benefiting your employees mental health and well-being. Getting people on bikes can help to create just that. With tax and NI savings for your employees whilst promoting eco-friendly transport initiatives, shows your business has a keen interest in the wellbeing of your employees and the environment.

LifeStage Health: The physical and mental health and wellbeing of employees is increasingly important. The LifeStage Health product recognises and embraces our individual differences and is for employers to facilitate access to essential checks, tests, expert consultations and advice to their employees, regardless of their age and gender. This helps companies support their employees and their dependants through the key life stages of adolescence, adulthood and later years. Raising awareness and knowledge increases wellbeing and helps prevent conditions that are avoidable with healthy life choices.

Group Life Cover/Death-In-Service: A low-cost, high-value benefit for employees regardless of their state of health providing a lump sum payment to an employee’s dependents in event of death.

Group Critical Illness Cover: Provides employees with financial support following a life changing illness or injury through a lump sum payment to help make necessary lifestyle amendments following serious illness or injury.

Employee Voluntary Private Healthcare: With the increased pressure faced by the NHS and increasing concerns about employee wellbeing, offering private health cover as a benefit can go a long way to support employee health and wellbeing. Why not give your employees the ability to have affordable, quality, private healthcare from only £12.80 per month per person.  This can be company paid or paid by the employee.

Group Income Protection: Provide your absent employees due to illness or injury with financial and practical support whilst maintaining an incentive to return to work.

Health Screening: Providing your employees with a full health and body check-up and screening, enables them to find out if they have underlying medical condition(s) and helps to detect possible conditions which they may not be aware of, even if they are looking and feeling well, and there are no symptoms.

Employee Benefit Online Portal: All your Employee Benefits in one place.

Financial Education: With the cost of living crisis, financial worry can have an effect on your employees’ wellbeing. Financial education can play a key role in helping your employees take positive steps with their finances and their wellbeing

Pre-Retirement/At-Retirement Workshop: Provide your Executives and employees with the guidance required to meet their financial planning objectives and make the appropriate decisions at retirement.

Tax Planning Workshops For Senior Executives and Business Owners: Specialist guidance ensuring your employees are maximising their tax allowances.

Business Protection, i.e. Key Person/Shareholder Protection: Safeguard the sustainability of the business by protecting against death or critical illness.

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