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Motor Trade Update: Are You Covered For Solo Test Drives?

12 May

When the time comes for the motor trade to return to work, we anticipate that the government’s social distancing measures will still be in force and you will be expected to keep your customers and employees 2-metres apart.

Whilst this is feasible on the showroom floor, the same cannot be said for test drives. The normal procedure of accompanying a prospective motor vehicle purchaser will not be possible.

The DVLA has reviewed its trade licensing policy in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and has confirmed that solo test drives will be allowed to be undertaken to maintain social distancing rules.

With that being said, it’s important that you have adequate insurance cover before you allow a prospective buyer to take a vehicle for a test drive without your sales representative present.

Whereas most policies provide Accompanied Demonstration Cover, many policies will not automatically provide Unaccompanied Demonstration Cover. We advise you to check your insurance policy or speak to your insurance broker to fully understand the criteria and conditions around your policy and what measures need to be met to comply with it. Please do this before permitting any unaccompanied demonstrations.

Need advice?

To check your insurance policy conditions and ensure you have sufficient cover for unaccompanied test drives when the time comes for your business to return to work, please contact your Thomas Carroll Account Executive.

You can also reach our insurance broking team by calling 02920 853788 or emailing