What to do in the event of malicious damage to a property, including vandalism:

Malicious damage is broadly defined as the intentional destruction or defacement of public, commercial and private property. Common forms of malicious damage include vandalism and can include trespass, graffiti, illegal tipping, smashed windows, or other defacing of property.

Below are some tips to assist you with protecting your property from malicious damage:

  • Install bright security lights inside and outside of your property.
  • Use unbreakable security glass and fixtures designed to foil vandals.
  • Install security fencing around your property.
  • Consider security patrols.
  • Strategically plant shrubs and bushes to increase security.
  • Clean up vandalism and remove or repair any damaged items as soon as possible.
  • Where the property is unoccupied, arrange inspection in line with Policy requirements.

In the event that your property suffers malicious damage or vandalism:

  • Notify Police and request a Crime Reference Number.
  • Take photographs of the scene/evidence of damage.
  • Do not dispose of or repair any aspect of the damage until you have Insurer approval as they may wish to inspect.
  • If the security of the property has been breached, arrange reasonable emergency repairs to prevent further loss using your own contractor. The costs of this action may be considered under the claim.
  • Prepare a schedule of loss indicating actions required to remedy the damage.

For guidance with the notification of a claim, please contact your appointed Thomas Carroll Claims Executive, email claims@thomas-carroll.co.uk or call us on 02920 853788.

Alternatively, please refer to your Policy documents for emergency helplines and procedures to notify a claim.