Do you have finance, contract hire or lease on your car?

General Asset Protection (GAP) insurance is designed to provide you with complete peace of mind.

In the event of a total loss (write off) due to fire, theft, accident or accidental damage, GAP insurance will cover the shortfall between the value of the car at the time and what’s left on your finance.

Don’t forget, if you have financed your car via a personal contract hire, because you are not the owner of the car, the new car replacement cover provided by your motor insurance policy does not apply.

Our GAP insurance products can benefit you in all kinds of situations:

1.       New or used vehicle

2.       Buying a vehicle from a dealer or privately

3.       Buying a vehicle on finance or personal lease

4.       Even in the situation where you did not buy GAP cover straight away, we can still provide top up cover in the case of a total loss.