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What to do in the event of a travel claim…

Travel insurance is a wide-ranging product, designed to provide cover for many eventualities and situations whilst the policyholder is either on holiday or on a business trip.

Thomas Carroll understand that claims against this policy are often stressful. Your surroundings may be unfamiliar, information may be limited and time zones may be different.

Policy documentation provides emergency helplines and overseas contacts for immediate assistance, but for those claims being made once home, many travel insurers require completion of a formal claim form. In these circumstances, your dedicated Claims Executive will arrange the appropriate form and offer assistance with this.

The covers under travel policies are numerous and varied. Below are some scenarios where documentation required will include but may not be limited to:


  • Booking documentation and evidence of payment.
  • Evidence of cancellation documentation.
  • Confirmation of any return of payment by airline, hotel or other party.
  • Reason for cancellation (if medical, with a medical practitioner declaration indicating reasons).
  • Any other losses e.g. airport parking. airport transfers.


  • Reason for curtailment (if medical, with a medical practitioner declaration indicating reasons).
  • Additional costs incurred by curtailment e.g. new flight invoice, hotel etc.

Medical expenses:

  • Copy medical report/documentation to explain need for expenses.
  • Copy receipts from clinic or pharmacy.

Loss or theft of luggage – by Carrier:

  • Copy booking documentation indicating all parties travelling.
  • Evidence from carrier that loss has been reported if airline/carrier responsible for loss.
  • Schedule of loss itemising all missing items (proof of ownership may also be requested).
  • Confirmation that airline/carrier are not compensating loss or if they are, to what value.

Loss or theft of luggage – by theft or accidental loss:

  • Local police report and crime reference.
  • Schedule of loss itemising all missing items (proof of ownership may also be requested).

For assistance with making a claim against your travel policy, please contact your dedicated Claims Executive or call us on 02920 853788. Alternatively, you can email information to