Company and Director fined after ignoring HSE

12 Jun

A company and its Director have both been fined for failing to comply with health and safety legislation after being served with Improvement Notices.

Glamping Cocoon and its Director, Nicholas Oaten, were both sentenced for failing to comply with health and safety legislation.

Beverley Magistrates’ Court was told that Glamping Cocoon was subject to an unannounced inspection as part of a targeted campaign of the woodworking sector. Four Improvement Notices were served requiring various matters to be rectified within a certain time. Following three extensions to the improvement notices, two notices remained outstanding months after their expiry date, despite HSE attempts to work with the company to support the improvements.

The Improvement Notice relating to the assessment of risk to employees from exposure to noise still remains outstanding, says the HSE.

Glamping Cocoon was fined £30,000 and ordered to pay £5,506 in costs, while Director Nicholas Oaten was fined £2,640 and ordered to pay £5,506 in costs.

After the hearing, HSE Inspector Louise Redgrove commented: “Failure to engage with HSE exposes both employees and the business to risk. In this case, health risks to employees from noise were not assessed or managed and the business will have to pay a substantial fine.”

“The Company and director should have taken on board all the assistance available to them from HSE or obtained competent advice elsewhere. HSE will assist small companies but where there is a disregard for the law, specifically the requirements of Improvement Notices, prosecution will be sought.”

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