Webinar Recording: Employment Law – All You Need to Know

30 Jun

Our webinar series, designed to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis, is well underway. Over the last few weeks, we have covered how to establish a plan to return to the workplace safely and what employers need to consider to support their employees and themselves at this time.

Most recently, we discussed everything that employers need to know about employment law during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • What are your options if an employee believes that it is unsafe to return to work?
  • Are employees entitled to be paid if they refuse to return to work?
  • What are the options if an employee refuses to return to work due to a health condition?
  • What if it is not their own health condition, but instead someone that they live with?
  • Overview of the Flexible Furlough Scheme, commencing July 1st 2020

We wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that joined us and hope that you found it informative. If you didn’t manage to catch the webinar, you can watch the recording below:

Please note, the information provided is based on current COVID-19 guidance and legal requirements at the time of recording. For further Coronavirus risk management updates and advice, please click here.

We have another webinar on the way and will be sharing more information shortly. Keep an eye on your email inbox and our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for announcements. If you have any questions, please contact us on 02920 853788 or email contact@thomas-carroll.co.uk.