Important: Please click here for further information regarding the findings of the recent court case on COVID-19 Business Interruption insurance.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: Click here to learn more about the furlough extension.

At Thomas Carroll, we are working hard in these uncertain times to ensure that we are able to provide the same service that our clients and contacts usually enjoy from our team. That’s why we have collated the latest information and advice regarding the COVID-19 pandemic into one central hub to help you stay up-to-date with the changing situation and answer the most common queries that we have received.

Read on for guidance and considerations for everything from business interruption, cyber threats, employment law and health and safety to pensions, claims, investing and much more.

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Please note, the advice on this page is in no way a definite and final opinion on matters relating to the Coronavirus and is no substitute for individual and tailored advice. The situation is continuously developing and we intend to keep this information as up to date as possible. If you have any queries, please seek our specialist advice.

Employment Challenges
Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme *NEW*
Social Distancing in the Workplace
Payment of Statutory Sick Pay
Advice RE Vulnerable Employees
Economic Impact of COVID-19 & Reduction in Business
School Closures
Vaccinations - Data Protection
Carer Vaccinations
Restrictions Easing: Return to Work Considerations
Cost Control During the Crisis
Payment Support
Cancelling Insurance
Reducing Premiums
Reducing Wages and Turnover
Upcoming Renewals
Long-Term Agreements
Increased Business Risks During the Crisis
Employers & Public Liability Considerations
Working From Home
Working Differently
Cybersecurity Considerations
HSE RIDDOR Notification
Download: Insurance Market Monitor 2020
General Information and Links
Staying Safe
Face Masks
The UK Government's Recovery Strategy
Physical Distancing
Financial Support for Those Told to Self-Isolate
UK Budget Announcement 2021
Welsh Government COVID-19 Update
Home, Travel and Motor Advice
Home Insurance FAQs
Home Security
Building Works
Car Insurance FAQs
COVID-19 Foreign Travel Checklist
Information for Investors
Stock Market Updates
Business Interruption Claims
Business Interruption Cover
Making a Claim
FCA Test Case Findings
FCA Test Case Final Guidance
Financial Solutions
Government Grants for Businesses
Self-Assessment Enhanced Payment Plans
Economic Resilience Fund (ERF) *NEW*
Unoccupied Premises or Construction Sites
Unoccupancy Conditions
Unoccupied Premises
Post-Survey Risk Improvements
Construction Sites
Health and Safety Obligations
Inspections and Risk Assessments
Contractors and Visitors
Face Masks
Cleaning your Premises
RIDDOR Reporting of COVID-19
Legionella Responsibilities
COVID-19 Workplace Health & Safety FAQs
COVID-19 Workplace Health & Safety Guidance
Pension and Employee Benefit Obligations
Workplace Pensions
Group Risk and Healthcare
Life and Critical Illness
Income Protection
Private Medical Insurance
Other Updates Which May Affect Business
Trade Credit Insurance Guarantee
Non-Essential Shops
Lateral Flow COVID-19 Tests