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Do I need a Green Card to drive in Europe?
Currently there is no requirement to have a Green Card as the wording is noted on the reverse of your Motor Certificate so please take this with you while you travel. This advice may change with Brexit.
Will I get a refund if I cancel my car insurance?
A refund will be allowed providing you have not made a claim that would have resulted in the loss of a no claims bonus in the current period of insurance. In the event of a non-fault accident, the refund will be allowed once the insurer has made a recovery of their monies.
What should I do if I cancel my car insurance but still have the car?
Continuous Insurance Enforcement came into force in 2011. Unless you've registered your vehicle as off the road, i.e. SORN (Statutory of the Road Notification), it must be insured. You may incur a fine from the DVLA if it is not SORN.
What is an excess?
An excess applies to most types of insurance policies and will vary. This is the amount you must pay in the event of a claim and this will be shown on your policy schedule. Your excess will either be deducted from the settlement of your claim or collected from you from the appointed supplier or garage.