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Will you disclose any information to third parties?

Where Thomas Carroll act as your appointed insurance broker, information will be passed to them, unless you specifically instruct us not to do so as certain information could be deemed as a material fact by insurers.

If Thomas Carroll do not act as your appointed insurance broker, you are advised to disclose such information to your insurance service provider. Failure to do so could invalidate your insurance cover.

Information will not be disclosed to other third parties, except where we are required to make such disclosure for regulatory or legal reasons.

Will you provide crisis communication support?

Provided you seek and follow advice from our crisis communication helpline, following an event which causes your business significant adverse publicity or reputational damage which is likely to have a widespread financial impact, we will:

• Liaise with you and your solicitor to draft a media statement or press release, and/or

• Arrange support and represent you at a press conference, and/or

• Prepare communication for your customers and/or a telephone or website script

A number of exclusions apply to our crisis communication support, including:

• Legal costs and expenses in excess of £10,000

• Matters that should be dealt with through your normal complaints procedures

Full terms and conditions are available on request.

What happens if we have a crisis?
We will provide an emergency response to any issue that may lead to an employment tribunal and will discuss and agree a plan of action to minimise the risk to your organisation.
Are there any additional costs?
As the cost of our service is fixed, you will not incur any extra cost for the service we have agreed. If, however, you require additional support over and above that included in our service agreement then this can be provided under a separate agreement.
Will you provide legal assistance?
We will pay all the legal costs involved in defending your organisation against any claim in the employment tribunal including any compensation that your organisation is ordered to pay by the tribunal, up to a limit of £100,000, subject to certain terms and conditions.
Will you keep us up-to-date with any changes in the law?
Through a combination of consultant visits, newsletters and e-bulletins, we will keep you up-to-date with any changes in legislation and best practice that may impact on your organisation and will ensure that your contracts of employment, policies and procedures comply with any changes in the law and best practice.
Is there a limit on how often I can use your service?
Unlike many law firms, our fixed fee approach means there is no deterrent to using our service. In fact, we positively encourage our clients to contact us so we can help resolve any issue before it becomes a problem.
What training will you provide to our employees?
This will depend on what we agree with you in our service agreement. All our training courses are designed to give delegates the competence and confidence so that they can contribute positively to the management of employment issues in their workplace. Any additional training required can be provided under a separate agreement.
How do you avoid duplicating what is already in place?
Our detailed audit of your organisation's existing policies and procedures will establish those areas which are satisfactory and those which require further attention. We will then work closely with yourselves to develop a management system that meets your business requirements.
How much support will you provide?
We will provide you with all the support you require to ensure that your employment issues are effectively managed. Our service provides you with unlimited telephone advice relating to any employment law issue and regular site visits, at agreed intervals, by your dedicated consultant to evaluate overall compliance with your employment law management system.